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The avancon Innovation

This avant-garde conveyor concept

 was developed by Dieter Specht,

who applied for several patents worldwide
for the ZPC-Systems and the OTU-Systems and

the Control and Power Supply Concept.


Dieter Specht is the co-founder of the Interroll-Group.

He invented the first viable conveyor roller made of polymer

materials and obtained further 28 patents, which

were the fundamentals of Interroll’s success.

In addition, as CEO, Dieter Specht had always

put great emphasis on product design.

No new Interroll product was released, before

 he hadn't revised the design again.


Interroll grew from a 2 man start-up to

a 1500 people company, is listed at the Swiss Stock Exchange, SIX, and has more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide today.


From the year 2000 – after running Interroll for 40 years -

Dieter Specht left as CEO in order to do something different.

He started Art, Photography, Video, Design and

Management-Consulting successfully and very exciting.

Combined with his artistic sense, he has the experience

and the feeling for good design.

He has proven many times the ability to develop

best quality products with excellent functionality

and high efficiency for the conveyor industry.


This new ZPC and OTU conveyor-system are protected in many

industrialized countries worldwide by six different granted patents.


avancon SA acquired the patents and design

protections and makes them all available to a selected

group of materials handling producers (OEMs), special machine

manufacturers and Logistics integrators worldwide.

Contact us today for more information!


The two managing directors and partners Mr. Christian Dürst, CEO, and Dr. Daniele Gambetta, Technical Director, will be happy to give you more details about this new, beautiful
and revolutionizing innovation.

You may also contact Travis Rosenbach, Managing Director of Avancon North-Amerca Corp. or

Hyunmin Park, Managing Director of Avancon Asia Ltd.

Dr. Daniele Gambetta, Head of Technology

                             Travis Rosenbach, MD North America

                                                    Hyunmin Park, MD Asia

                                                                        Christian Dürst, CEO

"Change is the healthiest way to survive.”

Karl Lagerfeld

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Avancon-Logo, avant-garde conveyor technology