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Dieter Specht

was the founder of Interroll-Group and is the inniciator and co-founder of AVANCON SA.

He is president of the board and main shareholder. With his more than 50 years experience in the Material Handling industry worldwide and his creativity and power he is also our mentor and consultant.

How and why I started Avancon?

The story of a fanatic entrepreneur

After many years in the conveyor industry, I had some ideas for

a brandnew and modern conveyor system for the transport of

boxes and cartons.

Several years ago I had steered a glance into the future at a

symposium and explained how much the global demand for

logistics would grow in the next 25 years.- I reminded the

audience of the growing world population, the development of the emerging markets and the increasing use of the Internet and e-commerce. I demonstrated that in future billions of boxes have to be transported and distributed worldwide every day. - Now it is already reality.

While analyzing the existing powered conveyor systems, which are easily to find in the image-search section of Google, I felt a necessity for a change. Most of the shown conveyor constructions were ugly, old fashioned, complicated, full of cables - like spaghetti -, with big motors mounted outside and visible control boxes sticking out, - a remnant of the last century with perforated steel profiles. – It is hard to believe that these are still produced and sold today! -

With these impressions in my mind I was sitting some years ago on the balcony of a charming hotel in Gstaad in the Swiss Bernese Alps looking to the scenic mountain landscape of 3000 meters and higher, where I used to spend my vacation.

While I admired the beautiful landscape and dreamed, I suddenly saw the solution to the future right in front of my inner eyes very clearly. There it was, the conveyor system with a modern and streamlined aluminum frame, completely closed. The drive systems and the electronic control systems as well as all cables would be installed inside, but invisible from the outside. This design would fit in with today's architecture and machine centers.

Of course, everything is much better designed today than in the past. Just look at the modern railways or modern sports cars or smartphones and so on. - Yes, today everything looks better, more beautiful, streamlined, elegant and aesthetic. It is the Design where companies stand out from their peers and Design is what functions best.

How is it possible – I thought – that the drive-belts of a powered roller conveyor are visible outside on top of the conveyor? – Yes, I had to admit, I had developed these myself many years ago. But today I would not create such a construction anymore.

Then I started to list all the requirements of a modern conveyor system. This list was growing and growing and a lot of new ideas came into my mind. Often in the middle of the night I woke up with a new idea for a modification or some other way to improve the construction. Similarly, I was intrigued by the new OTU (Omni-directional Transfer Unit), that suddenly hit my brain, a modular product, which is indispensable in any conveyor system.

As todays artist and designer, I have always my sketchbook with me. – So I put the first ideas to paper. I'm very good at 3D drawing with pencil.  I could design good drawings and fantastic, really new ideas for a contemporary and impressive conveyor system that I was able to show our engineers.

I was exited by my ideas and thought that growing logistics centers in modern buildings would need my development. - And that, now! -

I saw all the benefits combined with simplicity of my newly developed Material Flow system - in addition to the advanced-looking design. this fantastic system can be used for 1000 applications. I should get started right away.

When I was looking for a name for this very modern, extraordinary and futuristic design that was different from all existing ones and that was never seen before. - I found that "avant-garde" is the right definition. The combination of the two words “Avant-garde” and “Conveyor” made "Avancon", the name of our new company.

I am pleased to get all of these new ideas patented in most industrialized countries worldwide, as well as design protections for this extraordinary and unrivaled product.

Together with some young, intelligent people I founded Avancon SA in Ticino / Switzerland - And now, after big investments in development, machinery, molds, a new factory- and office-building and some marketing, we see the result: - Our customers love it! -

Through major system integrators in Europe, North America and Asia we have already produced and delivered several systems for e-commerce companies, warehousing, a distribution center of a major global freight forwarding company, and an X-ray manufacturer who will install our system in many airports around the world for checkpoints in airport security.

It was worth it. Now I see the success and - because of the many projects already offered - we will have to expand our building soon.

In the meantime, we have developed an additional, very unique, flexible and modular belt-conveyor system as well as a new incomparable flat BRDC-Gearmotor, which is very powerfull and easy to install inside the frame. Both products will be available early 2019.

For my whole life I have worked with great enthusiasm for the conveyor industry with a good feeling to have created and modernized new and particular products, which offered solutions for the materials handling and logistics industry on this planet.

Dieter Specht


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