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  • About AVANCON SA:

    Avancon SA is a private corporation under Swiss Law. It was established as a start-up in 2014 in Switzerland /Canton Ticino. The two active shareholders are Christian Dürst as CEO, having a bachelor of science in business and banking and Dr. Daniele Gambetta, as technical manager, who has a PhD in electric machines.

    Avancon SA produces and sells new and modern modular conveyors for unit handling - as roller conveyors and belt conveyors, crossings and switches, which are used in intra-logistics and distribution systems of postal,

    e-commerce, on-line shopping and warehousing systems. Moreover, Avancon SA develops and delivers single elements for modern conveyor systems to selected OEM-customers. The products are patented worldwide and extraordinary aesthetically in Design. All patents and know how were bought from Dieter Specht, the co-founder of the Interroll-Group. Mr. Specht is shareholder as well in Avancon SA and supports as Mentor and Coach. They are very happy to have him on board, as he brings along a lifelong experience and many brilliant ideas.

    Avancon SA does not deliver directly to the final users of conveyor systems, but their Products can be bought exclusively through Material Handling Manufacturers or System Integrators.

    Besides, Manufacturers of Conveyors can produce Avancon products under license contract by themselves.


    The head quarter is in Riazzino/Switzerland in their brand new building. Avancon SA has two subsidiaries, one for North-America, in Chicago/USA , Managing Director is Mr. Travis Rosenbach, MBA,  and the other one for ASIAN Countries, is in Seoul/South Korea, the Managing Director is Hyunmin Park, Dipl.Ing.


    In the meantime Avancon has already realized many big installations in Europe, Asia and America and is growing very fast. We started with 4 people in 2014 and are now 29 after the basic developments are ready.

    Next year we will introduce to the market a new patented belt-conveor concept for handling of packeges, parcels and goods with uneven base, like for postal, courier services etcetera.

  •    PR-01:  “A startup is going to revolutionize the conveyor industry.”

    The young Swiss startup Avancon SA  has set itself the goal to revolutionize the unit handling conveyor systems in distribution and logistics centers. The company offers now a new modern and very innovative conveying system. This will

    be distributed worldwide by manufacturers of conveyor

    systems and logistic system integrators. The system has

    been developed by Dieter Specht, the co-founder of the

    Interroll Group.

    February 2017

  • PR-02:  „Change the direction, - simple, versatile and fast.“

    With the new and versatile OTU (Omni-directional Transfer Unit) from Avancon, one determinate the transporting direction. Similar to the railway tracks, all goods are guided into different directions by moving in line of a natural curve with OTU. These new key elements allows to build easily any size of crossings or diverters in conveyor systems with

    versatile OTU-bricks. But it is also possible to build crossover

    transport, sideways movements or even sorters.

    April 2017

  •   PR-03: „Power-Supply for conveyor systems – completely invisible."

    Together with the well known Producer of transformers and Power Supplies, the Puls-Group in Munich - Germany, the Start-Up Avancon in Riazzino, Switzerland, developed a universal Power-Supply Unit for the field-bus AS-interface of about 30 V and for up to 20

    DC-Motors of 24 V or 48 V, together combined and built in
    a Crossbeam of the conveyor frame construction – which is

    invisible from outside. – Ingenious! -

    It in called “3-in-1” Power Supply.

    September 2017

  •   PR-04: "Is it possible to reinvent a Conveyor-Roller - still today?"

    With great experience and passion Dieter Specht, the co-founder of the Interroll-Group has invented the roller again. It is a roller-corpus of techno-polyamide or with tires of polyurethane for conveying 80% of all goods, which are daily transported around the world.

    This incomparable roller-concept offers many combinations

    besides a safe and protected installation in a new advanced

    and attractive conveyor-design.

    November 2017

  •   PR-05: "Why a Control-System for large automatic and complex
                                                                  Conveyor System
    will cost nothing?“

    The Swiss company Avancon SA has launched a conveyor system, which allows customers to save costs for controlling and programming. It controls itself, even in very large and complex material handling systems in logistics centers. The key economic advantages are huge: a control cabinet or cable ducts are not necessary anymore. Integration into a higher

    bus / IT topology is incredibly easy.

  •   PR-06: "Now, there is a brick available for 1000 applications

                                                                   in Materials  Handling

    Here it is: the small component of Avancon SA, Switzerland, which can easily solve many problems in conveyor systems. Here are some interesting examples of realized applications. When looking at these pictures you will immediately come up with new solutions for your logistics systems, thanks to this "OTU" module.

  •     PR-07: "A new material flow system saves up to 84% energy."

    The new conveyor system of the Swiss company Avancon SA, in Riazzino, is very safe and looks modern and impressive. In addition, investment, installation and maintenance costs are drastically reduced. But above all there is huge savings in energy; an amazing

    contribution to achieving the climate goals.

  •   PR-08 "An example of how to master an increasing volume

                                                               in the Logistics."

    When the business of the South Korean Pharmaceutical Company Hanmi was increasing, the order processing and picking lines were too slow to handle all these orders in time. Their 10 years old equipment had to be replaced and the System integrator SMCORE, one of the largest in Korea,

    proposed them the new and most modern Avancon

    ZPC-Conveyor concept. This incomparable system offers

    many benefits. Now, after one year in operation, everything

    meets Hanmi’s expectations and the company is very

    satisfied with this solution by Avancon.

    January 2019

  •   PR-09 "„The avant-garde in the Conveyor Technology“"

    The new, multi-patented and award-winning ZPC (Zone Powered Conveyor) system from Avancon is for Dieter Specht, the founder of Interroll and today's artist, like a modern, avant-garde artwork; - but with function. It has many advantages for everyone involved: for assembly, for installation on site and also for subsequent maintenance. Moreover, it is particularly eye-catching and attracts

    the attention of every operator of a logistics center.

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