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Zone Powered Coveyor

The avancon ZPC Roller- and Belt Conveyor Platform

The patented avancon
ZPC modular Transfer Platform is

split between the drive-and control elements,

the cables and the photo-sensor, which are all

inside the frame and...

...the various portable avancon conveyor-elements,

as single rollers,

or as other roller-combonations (see further down),

rollers for special applications with rings outside,

full width rollers in form of  "multiblock-rollers"

or ZPC-belt system.


This avancon Roller Concept is the best Conveyor-Roller con- struction ever made!


You get a high flexibility when using the avancon Roller Corpus Concept with or without spacer in various positions. Depending on the base of the boxes you can save a lot of money by choosing the equivalent roller combi- nation. (see application below)


The basic roller corpus is made of the techno-polymer Polya- mide, which is abrasive and high shock resistant and last for ever.


For special and sensitive appli- cations, you can get these Rollers with tires of abrasive, but soft Polyurethane (a material, which is used for example for in-line skate-wheels and for forklift-truck-wheels). There is no wear and tear.


We use these avancon Rollers with soft tires also for up and down transport on ZPC-Con- veyors and chutes for sorters.

You can transport large goods as well as goods of only 120 mm lenght, by using a pitch of 38 mm, whithout the necessity to change the roller diameter.


In the avancon ZPC-system the roller corpus is fix on the spindle-tube of 15 mm diameter, where this spindle-tube with its three notches turns.


The drive-system is inside the closed frame and drives the spindles.


For the precision ball bearings this is a much better solution, because the inner ring of the bearing is turning together with the spindle and by this way avoids the balls to run on the inner ring on only one point. Therefore, the bearings in the avancon ZPC-concept last much longer.


These avancon Conveyor Rollers are available as fix-drive and as friction-drive for curves and low pessure accumulation.

"Oh, I did not think on so many possibilities with these Conveyor-Rollers.  That's amazing!"

Authentic statement of a new customer

One platform for thousand solutions!

Avancon Distribution and Sorting conveyor system in a high bay warehouse


Avancon-Logo, avant-garde conveyor technology