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Zone Powered Conveyor

The avancon electronic ZPC-Conveyor Control System with AS-i Field-Bus

Field-bus control elements of AS-interface for conveyors, AS-i controls for conveyor systems, AS-i master, AS-i slaves, AS-i Sensors

We control each zone of the avancon ZPC-System with the field-bus AS-interface. The DC-Power and the data-transfer is supplied by our invisible 3-in-1 Power supply.
The control elements can be pressed onto the wires at any position in each zone.


Up to 31 Zones are controlled all together with the avancon E100 Master
Controller with an incorporated Slave-Bridge.- Masters can

communicate with each other.


The Master has an RJ45 interface to communicate
with higher IT/BUS systems together and saves

programming time and cost. There are no dipswitches to
operate. You get it ready loaded with the firmware, which

can be easily modified by avancon, if necessary.


Each Motor has its own control box. This E200 Motor

Control box controls the brush-less motor and

it serves as electronic activator in the AS-interface
field-bus system. It can be fixed onto the AS-i cables at
any position in the near of the motor in order to save long
cables and get an easy assembly for any length of goods to be



Each Zone is further controlled by a photo electric sensor with an
opposite mirror. This E201 is part of the AS-interface field-bus

as well and communicates with the Master.


You find more information about the field-bus AS-interface technology under:



and many others...


At  each end of a Conveyor section (normally includes several zones)  is the Connector E202 fixed on the cables. This allows a fast installation at side  through real “plag-n-play”. Light-Sensor-plus-Mirror


The photo-electric-Sensor E300 and the Mirror E301 (in the opposite frame)

are in a housing of crystal-clear Polycarbonate - just snapped into the frame.

Each is protected smoothly against dust and scratches by a window, which is part

of the housing and fits plain into the frames.


The photo-electric-Sensor has always the same cable length, because

it has its own electronic AS-i control box E201 just snapped in under

the sensor.


Therefore you don't need any extra fixations and for all avancon ZPC-electronic boxes and all cables - this means no “spaghetti syndrome” and no tools are necessary for the assembly and disassembly of any avancon control-box,
photo-electric Sensor and the DC-Motors .


snap-in photo-sensor for Roller Conveyors
simple control system, easy installation of conveyor control system, clever idea to save installation cost for conveyor systems

The control boxes can be installed at any position,

regardless if long or short zones have to be used.

Therefore cables can be always equal short.

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