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Modern Conveyor Systems for Unit Handling in

Logistics, Warehousing and E-Commerce.

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avant-garde, beautiful,

functional, reliable, modern.

Forget all existing and old fashion conveyor constructions and have a look at this new avant-garde roller- and belt-conveyor design with the innovative technology

and the self contained control concept, which saves programming costs, central cabinet and cable channels and is very easy and fast in assembly and maintenance.

Avancon Airport Check- point Security Line: with Pitch of only 40 mm

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Avancon Conveyor Gate with electronic Safety Button

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Avancon Distribution of Boxes in front of a High Bay Warehouse

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Avancon Logistic with OTU: transfer 360° in any direction.

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Avancon Chutes with Multiblock Rollers / electronic Speed Control

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Avancon Conveyor-Roller with closing and distance- spacer

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Avancon Conveyor offers a big variety of Roller-combinations

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Avancon ZPC-Control-System: simple, universal, autonomous

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Avancon OTU - "Omnidirectional-Transfer-Unit" - 360°

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Avancon "3-in-1" Power-Supply in a crossbeam: invisible, easy, economical

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Sure enough, this is the future. Yes - this is ‘avant-garde’!”

Authentic statement of a new customer

How and why I started Avancon?

AThe story of a fanatic entrepreneur


After being for many years in the Materials Handling industry

I had some ideas of a brandnew conveyor system for boxes and

cartons. Already some years  ago I had presented at a symposium

a glance into the future and how much the worldwide demand of logistics

would grow in the next 25 years.

I re-membered the audience of the growing ...read more

Dieter Specht is the inniciator and co-founder of AVANCON SA.

He is president of the board and main shareholder.

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Avancon-Logo, avant-garde conveyor technology