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Modern Conveyor for Unit Handling

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unit handling conveyor systems.

Forget all existing and old fashion conveyor constructions and have a look to this avant-garde roller- and belt-conveyor design and the innovative technology and the self contained concept.

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New ZPC Roller Conveyor
with various Conveyor Roller Combinations, as Single Conveyor-Roller track, Conveyor-Rollers with spacers, Full-width Conveyor-Rollers.

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New ZPC Belt Conveyor

with zero pressure accumulation effect. Also for Up- and Down Conveying. Also as ZPC-Belt Curve available.


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Modern Conveyor Rollers, Various Conveyor Components, Conveyor Drives.

New modern ZPC-Conveyor -System with different Components, as Roller-Conveyor, Belt-Conveyor, Conveyor-Diverter, Conveyor-Crossings, Up-+Down-transport, different Conveyor Roller- Combinations and autonomous AS-interface Field-bus-Conrol.

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Conveyor Crossings, Conveyor switches, Conveyor  Diverters, Element for Sideways Moving

New OTU -omni-direc- tional Transfer Unit. A modular brick for building

Conveyor Crossings + Switches and sideways moving (as before Bar-code Readers.

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Modern Powered Roller Curve, ZPA Roller Curve

New ZPC Roller- and Belt-Conveyor Curves with ZPA functionality. Can be made with various Roller Combinations. (NO tapered rollers necessary)


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New AS-interface Conveyor Control, Modern conveyor Control System, Simple Conveyor Control System

New simple to install Field-bus AS-interface Conveyor Control-System; just pressed in - without any tools and screws. Controls large systems autono-mous and easy.

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reddot design award 2015 winner
good design award 2015 winner
Modern Conveyor Rollers, Various Conveyor Components, Conveyor Drives.

New Conveyor -Components, Conveyor-Rollers, also with soft PU tire and various forms. Drive-System-Element and brush-less DC-Motor.


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